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Welcome to The Shoulder Button!

It’s slightly terrifying that I sit here typing this right now.

After months of pondering whether to strike out on my own when it comes to writing about video games I’ve decided to take the plunge and see what I can accomplish by myself.

The Shoulder Button is the beginning of a new journey for me and for my writing about video games.

There are many article and content ideas that I want to put into practice and be able to bring to light. But these ideas are ones that I wouldn’t necessarily want to force upon another website that wasn’t exclusively owned by myself. The Shoulder Button is owned wholly by myself and will allow me to begin working on these ideas.


I’ve written video game reviews, editorials and other pieces for Big Red Barrel for nearly four years and I absolutely plan to continue contributing to the site for the foreseeable future.

I especially want to thank Tim Hibbs, Dan Gibbons and Chris Tudor for believing in me and my work and for giving me the opportunity to write for a wonderful site with a wonderful community that I will continue to champion. They allowed me to make new friends and help build my confidence (in both myself and my writing) and I’ll always be grateful for that. These past four years writing for Big Red Barrel have also made me realise that I want to ultimately pursue a career in the video games journalism field in whatever way I can.

I began planning The Shoulder Button nearly a month ago after thinking about building my own website since late 2016. The ultimate trigger that set the ball rolling was this episode of The Jimquisition from Jim Sterling (Thank God For Him).

“Build your brand, your own name. Use whatever outlet you have and make it work for you”Jim Sterling (2017)

Jim’s closing statements in this episode of The Jimquisition really struck a chord with me and made me realise what I needed to do. I needed my own brand. The old notebook came out and ideas began – and still are – being jotted down on paper.

There are many things I plan to do differently in terms of the types of content I’ll produce and the way my reviews and editorials are structured. Whilst I can’t divulge many details right now due to still being heavily in the planning stage one thing I can say with confidence is that when it comes to the contentious topic of review scores, I’ll not be using them in reviews on The Shoulder Button.

Aside from written content I’ll also be dabbling in video content and streaming when I can afford to do so.

I’m also yet to decide if I want to expand outside of video games into tabletop, movies or TV. It’s definitely something I want to do, but I don’t feel confident stepping outside a field that I can write passionately about.

Looking to the near future I’ve got a good selection of initial content in the works for The Shoulder Button. These will be a selection of reviews, previews and opinion pieces and most of them will be launched at the same time to build a sizeable foundation of content to expand out from. It’ll also allow me to gauge reaction and see where I can improve my work and hone in on areas that I can re-work.

Starting right now, however, I’ll be posting various news pieces to help flesh out the site a little bit. I won’t be going overboard with this, with approximately 1-2 news pieces per day.

This is just a brief introduction as to what I’m planning for The Shoulder Button and I’ll have more information to share as I get closer to fully launching the site in its final form. My initial ETA for launch is early/mid June 2017.

You can follow the official Twitter account for The Shoulder Button at @shoulder_button to keep tabs on any new info and updates.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon with more.

Jamie Campbell (Founder – The Shoulder Button)

About Jamie (14 Articles)
Founder of The Shoulder Button and contributor for bigredbarrel.com. I like video games, kit-kats and jelly babies (I only write about one of those things though).

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