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The Shoulder Button Launches On 28th June 2017

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ll be officially launching The Shoulder Button in full on 28th June 2017.

These past few months have been incredibly nerve wracking. From the moment I decided to go ahead with making my own dedicated gaming website I knew there would be a lot of hard work ahead with planning and deciding on what I wanted it to be. There have been many trials and tribulations and more scrunched up pieces of paper with ideas thrown into the bin than I can count.

Ideas that did make the final cut have been subject to reworks time and time again to get them in a place that I like them and hopefully, you will too.

In terms of reworks that are yet to happen, my current branding for the website is temporary and I’m looking to get it replaced as soon as possible – hopefully with help from someone who is much more talented with Photoshop than I am.

Creating my initial batch of content for The Shoulder Button has been a labour of love for me. I love video games, and more than anything I love writing about them. I crave being able to express my opinions and have intellectual discussions about them. Whilst you’ll more than likely not agree with me in some cases, that’s okay, because we all have different opinions and fostering discussion between those opposing points of view is key to making the games industry a better place.

On the subject of content, I’ve decided to make a couple of changes since I soft launched the site nearly a month ago, and they are as follows.

News is taking a back seat.

Regurgitating news from other sources isn’t feasible at the moment. I’m only a one man team and staying on top of the daily happenings in the games industry and posting them as soon as possible when also working a job outside of The Shoulder Button isn’t doable.

Frankly, writing news articles is also boring. It doesn’t allow me to let the creativity flow and most big news is covered by behemoths such as IGN, GameSpot, Eurogamer etc.

If you’re coming to The Shoulder Button, then you’re probably coming to see content that I’ve made by myself, not news stories you’ve probably seen 20 times that day already.

The practice news articles I posted during the soft launch will obviously remain for foreseeable future, but don’t expect to see any more.


Yes, I’ve set up a Patreon page. This is only really there if you’d like to throw a quid or so my way every month to acknowledge and support my work and will ultimately help me pave the way to getting paid to do the thing I love. Patreon is completely optional and I won’t be gating off any of my content behind a pay wall. You’ll always be able to read everything I post on The Shoulder Button without spending a penny, guaranteed.

For now though, here’s a list of the full week of content I’ve been working on that you’ll be able to view starting from the 28th June.

  • 28th June – Opinion: The PlayStation Hype Train Is About To Derail
  • 29th June – Eight Great Multiplayer Levels In Games
  • 30th June – Preview: Slime Rancher
  • 1st July – E3 2017: Five Games To Watch Out For
  • 2nd July – DLC & The Fragmentation of Player Bases
  • 3rd July – SMITE: How A Free-To-Play Game Won My Heart
  • 4th July – Review: Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy.

After this initial week of content I’ll be aiming to put out a minimum of one written piece a week (dependent on my other responsibilities at the time).

The Shoulder Button is my baby, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I have to offer as much as I enjoy writing it.

Thank you.

– Jamie

About Jamie (14 Articles)
Founder of The Shoulder Button and contributor for bigredbarrel.com. I like video games, kit-kats and jelly babies (I only write about one of those things though).

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