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We’re going on ice. (For now)

Since I put out the first few pieces for the site I’ve unfortunately had a lot on my plate and this is why I’ve not posted anything since that initial burst of content.

At the same time, I’ve just not been that inspired to do any writing as of recently. Writers block can be a real pain at the best of times, but when you’re trying to juggle many other things at the same time it makes it 10x worse.

I’ve also been finding it hard to manage an entire site by myself. I’m not the most technically minded when it comes to website design and every time I “fixed” one thing I would break several others time and time again.

That’s why – for now anyway – I’m going to put The Shoulder Button on ice. It’s not dead, it’s simply going into an extended hibernation.

I’ll be focusing my efforts in other areas and will still be contributing to Big Red Barrel when and where I can. As it stands though I’ll be trying my hand at video content and streaming at twitch.tv/smashsoul now that I have a significantly more powerful laptop than I had at the beginning of this year and a decent capture card in the form of an Elgato HD60.

We’ll be back in the future. (Hopefully).

For now though. I’ll see you around.

– Jamie

About Jamie (14 Articles)
Founder of The Shoulder Button and contributor for bigredbarrel.com. I like video games, kit-kats and jelly babies (I only write about one of those things though).

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